The Jersey South Futbol Club Code of Conduct establishes a clear set of guidelines for coaches, players and parents/guardians. Its primary goal is to help ensure that soccer is a fun, positive and enjoyable experience.

Our Code of Conduct is based on respect and fair play, defined by four basic principles:

  • Respect for the rules
  • Respect for the referees and their decisions
  • Respect for all participants, including; all players, all coaches, all spectators, and all club officials.
  • Maintaining self-control at all time

It is a condition of continuing Club membership that all participants understand and follow this Code of Conduct when participating in any Club activity. It is to be followed at all times, by all members


I realize not everyone will see the same situation as I do and therefore agree to remain open minded and flexible when discussing items of concern.

If an issue arises, you MUST wait 48 hours and then determine if you wish to pursue the issue further. If you feel you must pursue an issue with a Coach, you are required to do so privately, and in a positive and constructive manner.

I realize the team coach, team manager and Club will not respond to concerns raised anonymously.

If a conflict arises throughout the season, I will first attempt to resolve the conflict through the team Head Coach. If the conflict is not resolved to my satisfaction, I will then approach the team Manager. If at this point the conflict remains unresolved, I will contact the Club General Manager. If an equitable resolution is still not found, a neutral ombudsman will be sought.